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by Super Admin - 5 months ago

Listen to Us, Now! Putin issues Ultimatum vs. US/NATO

A few hours ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin issued his strongest warning to date against Russian’s perennial adversaries, i.e. US and NATO. With a blue widescreen as a backdrop, he flaunted his country’s capability to repel any form of mili...

by Super Admin - 5 months ago

US Collapse – the Spectacle of Our Time

May you live in interesting times, goes the Chinese proverb. Few can doubt that we are indeed living in such an interesting time. Big changes are afoot in the world, it seems. None more so than the collapsing of the American Empire. by Finian Cunn...

by Super Admin - 5 months ago

When America Loves Only the Winner

This is a story of one Wall Street whistle blower who switched sides and tried doing her part of informing the American population about the financial crimes that their own government is doing domestically and in many parts around the globe, only...