Change By Will Or Idle By Hope


by Keano Samaritakis 180 Views comments

Change By Will Or Idle By Hope


by Keano Samaritakis 180 Views comments

Source: Atlas News | by Keano Samaritakis

Today’s world knows a lot of deception and manipulation mostly expressed via disinformation which causes a lot of confusion and a loss of hope.

Hope, it’s something that keeps human souls going and it has for centuries, it offers some sense of relief from the current situation and can be seen as opium for the soul. Without hope there is no achievement because they are perfectly co-related, when an someone has hope in a better future they do everything in their willpower to strive towards that better future. The opposite is when someone has no hope resulting in neglecting self-needs and desires and being victimized by the situation causing a depression of the soul.

Make no mistake though there’s a difference between those people who have hope and willpower and those who have hope yet no willpower...

The people that use hope solely to escape reality have integrated a destructive thought pattern in their mind, a dangerous habit which needs to be erased from the mind. In this case hope exerts a weakening force to whoever feeds by it, it’s like a drug addict who will life solely to abuse these drug substances and has no room for achievement in life.

Hope it is a good thing to have but shouldn’t be your primary feeling although it can be powerful tool to achieve things in life it can be very destructive when influenced or manipulated by external forces including disinformation. There’s no coincidence that some people in the earliest of times started to catch up on the workings of the human mind and eventually trying to influence it.

When you’re not aware of your thoughts and emotions you will not be truly in charge of your actions. Therefore it’s unbelievably important to know the psychological manipulation tactics that are being used on you.Strength comes from being able ask yourself constantly what you’re thinking and why your thinking it which includes emotions. This self-reflective behavior which in it’s core is just philosophizing with yourself is important to not lose the way and let yourself be controlled by external forces.

In our society there’s still a lot of propaganda but many people have forgotten what its definition is. It’s a psychological tool use by an entity with the purpose to create a perception that their entity’s actions are always ethical and honorable. This in turn gives the people a sense of superiority which decays the acceptance of criticism and discussion on their own ideologies and ideas.

Disinformation is also a psychological tool that’s been used often lately. It’s based on producing a lot of information that’s fake which results in an information overload where people don’t bother to search for the truth anymore or just accept the fake news. But it’s also used to divide the people by their opinions so they can’t cooperate anymore, it’s called the “divide & conquer tactic” this is most commonly used by social media giants and large corporations in the food industry.

It’s a necessity for everyone to be aware of the the ways your mind is influenced and how to prevent it. These days it has become a formality to be very competitive and egocentric which causes people to think superior of themselves with as a result a shield of defense to protect their way of thinking and perspective on life from others. This eliminates the room for criticism and discussion which are very important for personal development. Ideas need to be criticized and discussed not defended.

Like the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle said:
“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” - Aristotle

The key to living a good life is independence of thoughts and emotions with a lot of self-reflection. Use your abilities and willpower to build a better future for yourself and others and don’t waste all your time in hoping for a better tomorrow. You can either accept your current reality and go along with it, or.. you can start creating a new reality by changing the way you think, the way you feel, the way you act.

Don’t let anyone silence your questions or ideas, oppression begins with limiting the way we think and therefore how we act.

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