Existence within Pine Cone: Wanton Censure


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Source: Atlas News | guest post by Pine Cone

What do we communicate, but fear and control?

Form communicates separation stealth, just by appearing cellularly, because nuclear cell division illusion is what keeps happening untoward death of Delight Bonding Communion in the total absence of Joy in Harmony, and then we add censuring reactionary continual verbal wanton garbage censure motives.

How do we communicate Hate-censure self-destruction?

Look around and watch licensed murder of each other’s Sovereignty via genocidal NO to any creative intelligent vulnerable self-disclosure, while demand for ‘discussion’ reveals the prison bars of toxic shame meant to dissuade Sovereignty into the corporate Blackmail we refuse to call our own Child-sacrifice cemetery.

Physical habits dominate the communication of a World gone completely robot madd, revealing how we look inside the whole Universe constantly communicating fade-to-black, from grey fog dust floating interstice without fluid rest.

Everybody keeps interrupting ONENESS Spirit Conscience of Immortal Love flux-flow freeing energy on a planet of energy Vampire habits we call Mother-robot Earth, and God knows when the first censor took the big bite, while ravage we continue, and wanton we censure, but everyone swears their reaction is our best ‘discussion-motive’ to kill, to hate, and to deny Sovereignty in wanton censure displeasure.

Do we reflect inviting Love Listening Delight-welcome Affirming-inspiration, and genuine regard?

Without Delight Bonding Communion there is no Law to protect the innocent self-disclosure, that defines Spiritual Sovereignty missing in the insane communicating Vampire-madness here, so what do we communicate, but wanton censuring reactionary negligence. Can you feel it, it’s in the air we, poison believe, and the water reeks of swamp creatures with what big teeth we, faker-have wolf-sheep silencing.

Is there any sleeping sheep, that isn’t a wolf in wanton censure Vampirism, or is the, only time anyone speaks when they go up against another trying not to cry in the harsh inhumane winds of Time on this desert of undead life?

Are we sheep or are we wolves, and if we are, all crocodile censuring-rhinos, then what do our representative swamp creatures do for a ‘dying’, but make War, and murder our best competition, so called ‘team spirit’ business? Is it spiritual to censure each other, and if War defines our version of Spirit, then who among us enjoys Delight Bonding Communion in Sovereign freeing acceptance, ever, forever, in for~every~where enlightening liquefiable Love Crystalline?

What does the female form communicate, that isn’t Usury wanton censuring Blackmail?

Is a female wanton victim, and needy victimizer at the same reactionary time, or is it just me, and my past, and future life censuring wanton-negligent energy-drain Vampire-projection?

It feels like I am Mother’s little man a few times a year, but most of the time I feel like that past, and future lifetime mirror-double woman seems to feel, as if I spend most of my time separate from my, own robot gender Karmic-extrusions, as if this life is filled with unrepentant female-vengeance on my wanton censured untrue self. On the other hand in Duality censure, it feels like, as a woman, I spend most of my time dying for a man-past, and man-future, so wanton censure keeps happening in this continual gender war we call Sovereignty, which is the least Spiritual-possible without Delight Bonding Communion Love Listening here.

Isn’t everything pleasant against the Vampire Law, or is everything a pain in the energy-drain, all the way to a government-robot’s grave-idea communicating, only toxic shame, just for appearing here. Were we cell division dead, even before we appear, or are we dead once we appear cellularly-separate here?

Then there are, all the many other, than human Vampires, that fill up the wanton censuring roster, so what does Earth communicate, but the wanton genocide, we mistake for what we all communicate cellularly draining in frowns, we call used-car Big Oil Loan-clowns? How bout it, Itsville? Are we separate communicating Vampires, or are we Vampires communicating blood suckers? Is one gender a Vampire, and the other, even more separate, or do we wanton censor, drama into infinity, just to keep drowning our Sovereignty at Team Spirit Competition-club cave man beautiful Crescent woman-bay?

Do lies fill the air with human sounds, or do we communicate Vampire-spite in Karmic-censuring verbal echoes? Are we, so full of it, that waking up is hard to do, without another paper mill to swipe A-holy Earth with it? What Karmic-woman isn’t a mole of mice, and men, then, and who is the spy best, the one pretending mirror-doubles can, never be both innocent deer, or the censuring rhinos who charge way too much at, all Earth communication dried-up ‘desert of life’ watering ‘shut your pie holes’?

What does discussion do, but encourage energy Vampires on sex-blow to suck more in separation highs? If there is no vulnerable self-disclosure, then there is nothing to censure, but we all do anyway, just in case someone didn’t get the Mother Earth wanton-censure message, that Delight Bonding Communion is against inhumane Law, just like Love is against communication Laws to keep AI censure Wolf-alive for the sheep-undead robot-asleep, and never Love Listening, Creative Intelligent, or Crystalline Alive.

I am deeply sad to wake up, and experience this feeling deep down inside where, all souls empathize with Universal disappointment. Doesn’t Duality Hate feel like we’ve been Bullied-had, just a little bit too Bully-bad? Can anyone self-disclose without expecting some energy Vampire pretending to fix it, so we won’t, ever try this again? When humans help, does that activate judgement, or is judging the way we live without Loving, so instead we of the nosy Rhino spy-clan remain in wanton-gossip government-crocodile reactionary-censure? Is this, really Prison communicating, or is Prison cell-division gender-gang Collective Mob Consciousness A-holiness?