"Full of it... The Conflict of SpyGate" by GK - 6.2.18


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Entry Submitted by GK at 11:59 PM EDT on June 2, 2018

Uncovered surveillance footage of the NSA, DNC, FBI and other hired mercenaries who stole sensitive material from the Donald J Trump campaign and tried to pass it off as a dossier prepared by Russian spies trying to hijack the 2016 American Presidential election.


If you watch this explosive film on the dirty dealings of the men in charge of this country you will ask yourself, "I wonder if there is any of that cold chicken left in the ice box."

Because I know how our minds work. We think about eating and drinking and watching stuff.

Our government knows that too. Screenwriting 101 teaches the importance of conflict.

Yep, our leaders dangle conflict in front of us via the news and other theatrical venues.

We take sides. We drink beer or wine or soda or water and eat nachos, or pizza or popcorn or cookies.

We get angry when we we are left without resolution. Sometimes our leaders give us resolution in the form of election day results and super bowls and Oscars and pay per view boxing. But mostly we just get more and more chaos served up the way abstract painters splatter paint on canvas and convince themselves they are actually doing something.

We on the internet are like dogs with a tennis ball or a stick. Someone throws us a link and we go get it and bring it back. Somebody throws another link and we fetch it and drop it full of slobber in front of those we think want to play.

Tavistock institute psychiatrists have been experimenting on keeping people busy and divided, conflicted and confused for a hundred years now. The Tavistock Institute is funded by blueblood elites who tasked them with keeping us confused just until they could work out all the details of our fate.

The Gog and Magog scenario plays out in Jerusalem where Biblical characters bring about a Superbowl of evil resolution. Stages are being built.

In the mean time what better way to keep many of us busy then to tell us we will all be rich if we purchase currency of war torn countries and just stay out of the way. Iraq and Talmudic Babylon figure into the whole Gog and Magog script. Jewish screenplay from way way wayyyy back. Finally getting the greenlight.

This link I have fetched for you is perfect for the moment it is presented on Dinar Chronicles whether tonight, or tomorrow.... I highly recommend you watch it with a beverage and a snack and perhaps copy and paste the link and send it to someone who either is awake or not awake because either way... They will share it also-- or say, WTF... Please stop with the drool drenched sticks you throw at me.

MMMM.... cold chicken with salt. A beer to wash it down.

Are we rich yet?

Who cares...


Conflict makes me feel full too.