Jared Rand’s Mass Meditation Call Notes by Juli Joy 6-2-18


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“Jared Rand’s Global Mass Meditation Guided Call”


Saturday, June 2, 2018 #111

Notes by Juli joy

After the welcome, Jarad Rand says: “In today, meditation, often times, we come across this action or thought and it's a very powerful one. And even in the worst of times, we should use this action, this thought, this emotion, this feeling. And sometimes it’s difficult for people to do that. But again, we are looking at attraction and the attraction is our Higher Vibrational Frequency. When we meet that and we bring ourselves up, often times, the things that are challenging us, dissipate or work themselves out.

In that action, that thought, that emotion, is gratitude. Being grateful, the human race grateful, of filling humanity with gratefulness, high amount of gratitude. Being thankful and grateful for being. Actually existing. Of being in these bodies, looking at our lives and reviewing and in looking at the things that we can focus on, to be grateful for. And living in gratitude, is easier said than done.People say ‘You can be living in gratitude.’ It's getting into the habit. When you get into the habit, it's a different story. But you intermittently do it, you're not going to get into the habit. So it usually wanes and fades out. It wanes and fades away. And then, you’re pulled back to it, on occasion. But the purpose is for us to meditate and to affect ourselves and the entire human race, to be immersed in gratitude, and thankfulness. Grateful for whatever you are and whatever you exist to have…. Is to be grateful for.

And like I’ve said, several times, the process of being thankful is a habit and we get in that habit by repeating and in going over it in our heads. It's like in this particular meditation, we want to focus on the fact of increasing our thankfulness and gratefulness. Wherever it may be, right now, it can always be heightened and increased and raised. It gets to the point ‘where you're in a cardboard box and you’re grateful for the cardboard box.’ If it gets that way? There are people out there in those positions, those situations.

You know, all the things that have befallen humanity, to stay grateful… is the tough part and to be in gratitude, in motion and energy of gratefulness and thankfulness… Is a challenge… In some cases. Other cases, it's easier for people to stay in that gratitude area and thankfulness and gratefulness. What we do have is, we have a connection with each other. Which we are grateful for. We have a connection with the Prime Source Creator God, as we are a part of him. Which we are grateful for. When you say this to yourself, you should feel an uplifting energy, that brings you higher up. That empowers you.

It could be a lighthearted or fun feeling. Lightness, joy, happiness. Worry and stress leave. When you are in gratitude,

a lot of your worry and stress dissipate. They aren’t in the forefront anymore. Being grateful for the life you have. No matter what that life is? Being thankful and grateful. I think, a lot of times, we become connected or we compare ourselves with everybody else. ‘Their life is this’ ‘my life should be this’ ‘my life should be that.’ So, we spend most of our time, pining away at where we should be and what we should have, rather than putting our energies into being thankful and grateful for who we are, what we are, where we’re at.

And you know it's easy for that to happen as I talk about all these thoughts that come in. These thoughts are heavy… at times and they come out of nowhere. They're just random thoughts and we… like magnets… We absorb, we attract negativities, things that we don't care to spend a lot of time on, a lot of harping on in our minds but they surface and they're like irritants, they’re like little kyats, flying around your face.

And with gratitude, we can alleviate a lot of things. If we’re in gratitude, in the moment, in the now. It defers all of this other garbage that comes in and in and fills us up. Worry, stress, fear, anxiety, different feelings, and emotions. That we could just be sitting somewhere, or walking and have these come in. It's not like we’re inviting them. A lot of the time, you can say you're not invited. I want to leave now. Because of the fact that we are so used to… I guess being random and loose with our thought process and instead of us being in control of our thoughts, our thoughts are in control of us so they start dictating to us. And the lower vibrational frequencies, in the third dimension pull us down.

Want to keep us down. Want to keep us in a low enough vibrational frequency, where all of these other energies and thoughts come in. Like we talked about dis-ease and all these other things that come and encroach us, influence us and make us…. At times do things and decide things that we probably shouldn't. And so, today in deep gratitude, we shall be and we shall shower gratitude upon the human race and it will saturate them all. And in talking and communicating with our Higher Selves,we all can increase that frequency of gratitude and not just temporarily… because this meditation will continue after we have implemented it but the fact of the matter is… What we want, is we want... across-the-board habit of gratitude, for the human race. Is to not only imply it but enforce it, from the standpoint of Love, Unconditional Love, and Unending Love…”

Once again, I remind you that this is not a complete transcription. I'm merely trying to help raise the world's vibration, by sharing information about this Mass Meditation process.

Many blessings to you all.... May all of your dreams come true!

Juli Joy

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