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by Super Admin - 2 months ago

Time to End the Special US-UK Relationship | EIR

As of this writing, the U.S. media has its knickers in a complete knot because of “Spygate,” the scandal evolving from the President of the United States exercising his constitutional powers to declassify secret intelligence documents bearing on t...

by Super Admin - 2 months ago

Trump Sells Peace Like a Dodgy Dealer

Seriously, would you buy a second-hand car from the American president? Anybody in their right mind would scoff at the unnerving risk of being sold something liable to splutter into a heap or be repossessed. by Finian Cunningham Not only that, but...

by Super Admin - 5 months ago

A Mixed Bag of Trump

After Vladimir Putin showcased Russia’s highly advanced weaponry, Donald Trump replaced his “Russia-friendly” State Secretary Rex Tillerson with the CIA Director Mike Pompeo. Some consider this as a wise move towards a positive direction, i.e. kee...