"The New Financial System" by (Anonymous) - 6.2.18


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Entry Submitted Anonymously at 11:21 PM EDT on June 2, 2018

The reason the OPTB have had no qualms of killing thousands of people to keep this quantum financial system from becoming a reality is because they know there is no way to trick it. The AI quantum computer has safeguards in place to prevent any form of trickery now and whatever they may dream up in the future. This will stop a lot of crime in it's tracks just by existing. The computer will know everything that is bought and sold in the world every second of every day.

There will also not be a catastrophic devaluing of the USD. The USD will be made worthless but it will be replaced by the USN or perhaps the NPTB have a completely new form of currency that the world will incorporate. There will be equality of value for all sovereign nations and all sovereign individuals.

There will be a complete revaluation of all goods to their true value. There are an army of people who have been employed for years doing just that.

There are lot of people in the world that will think this is fantastic but there are more who won't.